Routing Number: 211177133


**ALERT! ** Members have reported receiving phone calls impersonating credit union employees. Imposters frequently ask to verify personal information to attempt to gain member data and confidential details. Crosspoint employees will never contact you to ask for login, debit/credit card info, deposit account info, or any other personal information. If you are contacted, do not share data with them and contact crosspoint directly at 203-288-1695 or in person at one of our branches.


How do I report a lost or stolen VISA debit card?

Please call 866-820-4860 to report a lost or stolen VISA debit card.

How do I activate a new VISA debit card?

Please call 866-985-2273 to activate your new VISA debit card.

Mobile / Online Banking FAQs

How do I download the CrossPoint app on my Apple device?

Open the App Store; click the magnifying glass to search; enter “CrossPoint FCU”; click +Get and the download process will begin

How do I download the app on my Android device?

Open the Google Play Store; in the search box enter CrossPoint FCU; once the app appears click free; then click install and the download process will begin.

How do I access the main menu?

The main menu is located in the upper left hand corner.

Will my login information change if I download the app?

Nope! You will continue to login using your existing username and password.

I am not signed up for online banking, how do I sign up?

When you log into the app for the first time, your username will be your credit union account number, and your password will be the last 4 digits of the primary account holders social security number. You will then be prompted to create a new password and set up a series of security questions. Once you have completed this process, you will be able to use the same credentials on your computer.

How to transfer from one suffix to another?

From the main menu, click the transfer tab; click account transfer and select the from: & to: suffixes; enter the amount and click submit.

Is mobile banking secure?

Mobile banking uses strong encryption techniques to protect your data. Multiple security processes including Transport Layer Security are utilized to ensure that your information stays private.

Can I transfer funds from my account to another member's account?
Yes. From the main menu click the transfer tab; click member transfer; select the from: account; enter members account #; enter amount; click submit – (S or L must be in front of the suffix number) (ex. S100 to transfer to a members savings, or L1 to transfer to a members loan).
What is the comment box used for?

It allows you to document transfers for your records.

Can I schedule a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly transfers without contacting the Credit Union?

Yes. From the main menu click the transfer tab; click scheduled transfer; enter required information and click submit.

Can I see if a payment is pending on my account?

Yes. To view pending payments from the main menu, click the transfer tab and click pending ACH transfer. Any pending payment(s) will appear in this section.

Did Bill Pay change?

No, Bill Pay remains the same.

What are member alerts?

Member alerts are used to notify you regarding transactions on your account. You can set up alerts for various reasons. (example: checking balance is below $100, loan payment is due, check #105 cleared, dividend posted, etc.).

How do I request a check to be mailed to me?

From the main menu, click the Online Service tab; select check withdrawal; enter amount and click submit. You should receive the check within 2-3 business days. Any check requested over the weekend can take up to 3-5 business days to arrive.

Can I updated my information (phone, address, email) on the app?

Yes. From the main menu click the Member Service tab and make any necessary changes.

Where can I find co-op shared branch locations?

Click on Locations within the app.

After viewing quick balances, how do I get back to the login screen?

Once you have reviewed your quick balances; click on the black quick balances banner and it will return to the login screen.

What is Remote Deposit Capture?

Remote Deposit Capture is a free, secure, mobile banking service that allows eligible members to deposit funds using their smart phone into their CrossPoint FCU account.

What are the benefits of using Remote Deposit Capture?

In order to use Remote Deposit Capture, you must be a CrossPoint FCU member and meet the following requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Active checking account open at least 60 days
  • No history of returned checks or negative share draft account balances
  • Valid & active email address
  • Must have the CrossPoint FCU mobile app
How do I sign up for Remote Deposit Capture?

Simply login to our mobile app. Click the menu button in the top left corner, then click Deposit in the drop down menu and select Mobile Deposit and complete enrollment process. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 business hours.

How will I receive notifications about Remote Deposit Capture registration and emails?

You will receive notifications via the email address we have on file. If your email address has changed, please contact us at 203-288-1695 to have your email address updated.

What emails should I expect to receive regarding Remote Deposit Capture?

You will receive an email if a deposit is accepted, rejected or adjusted by CrossPoint FCU. If a check is held for review, a message will appear on your screen, and a credit union staff member will need to review the item before determining approval.

What email address will I see when I receive communications about Remote Deposit Capture?

The sending email address will be For some members, these emails may be filtered into “junk mail or “spam” folders, so be sure to check those folders periodically.

If I don't receive email notifications for the Remote Deposit Capture service, what should I do?

Your email address that we use for Remote Deposit Capture is the same one we use for all email correspondence to you. Confirm that we have your current email address by clicking on the Member Service tab (within the mobile app), then click the “Update Profile” tab and update your email address if needed.

Do I need to endorse a check submitted with Remote Deposit Capture?

Yes. For a check to be accepted, an endorsement is required. Please include “For Mobile Deposit only to CrossPoint FCU”, along with your account number, on the back of the check under your signature.

What types of checks does Remote Deposit Capture accept?

Acceptable check types include: personal checks and business checks made payable to the owner(s) of your CrossPoint FCU account.

What types of checks does Remote Deposit Capture NOT accept?

Unacceptable check types include:

  • Foreign Checks/money orders, traveler’s checks, cashier checks or certified checks
  • Altered Checks- any check that contains evidence of a change (correction fluid, crossed out amounts, etc.) to information on the face of the check. Members with altered checks must get a replacement check from the maker before CrossPoint FCU will accept the deposit.
  • Incomplete Items- any item that does not contain signatures of the maker, endorsement signatures or is missing any of the required information.
  • Damaged Checks/ Non-legible checks
  • Stale Dated Checks- any check that contains instructions such as: “Void after 90 days after issue date” or “must be cashed within 6 months of issue date”
  • Non-Negotiable Items- the deposit of any item stamped with a “non-negotiable” watermark is PROHIBITED. Deposits of this nature will result in the immediate revocation of this service and may subject you to collection efforts.
What should I do with my check after using Remote Deposit Capture?

It is suggested that you retain the check for up to 90 days.

Can I deposit more than one check at a time?

No. Only one check can be deposited at a time.

Can I deposit more than one check per day?

Yes, but you are limited to your daily limit which is displayed on your check deposit screen.

Can I still bring check deposits into a branch office?

Yes. Whether you are registered for Remote Deposit Capture mobile service or not, you can still make deposits by whatever method is most convenient for you.

What do I do if I have questions about the Remote Deposit Capture service?

Please contact our Electronic Services Department 203-288-1695.

Will holds be placed on checks submitted through Remote Deposit Capture?

Yes, they may be. All deposits are subject to policies outlined in the Terms & Conditions applicable to all accounts.

Can I expect that all checks will scan correctly?

No. Variations in check sizes, colors and designs can impact the readability of a check.

Can I request a limit increased?

Yes. Just send a message through the app with the limit amount request.

Can I cancel Remote Deposit Capture?

If you wish to have the Remote Deposit Capture feature disabled, please let us know by using the messaging feature.

Questions about our name change?

Why did WFFCU change their name?

Our credit union pushes to achieve a greater level of fulfillment, not only for our members, but for ourselves. As advisors, we help show our members the pathway to financial gains and better money management.

The name Wepawaug was given to the nearby river by the Paugusett tribe and the name means the crossing place. And at each point in someones life, there is an opportunity to help our members adapt and grow. Built on a proud legacy of serving teachers, our scope of financial solutions spans to people throughout New Haven County.

Today, your fellow member-owners on the board of directors have recognized the need to adjust to the changing needs of our members and community, and thus, the unveiling of our new name, CrossPoint Federal Credit Union.

Is the credit union in financial trouble? Have you been sold or merged?

No! We are the same credit union with the same employees and board members as before, but with a new name. We are happy and proud to report CrossPoint Federal Credit Union remains financially strong and safe. Unlike many other financial institutions in our community, changing our name is not the result of a buyout or merger. You, our members, are still our only owners.

Is my money still safe here?

Absolutely! Your deposits are still federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.

What happens to my accounts (checks, debit cards, credit cards, etc.) as a result of the name change?

Good news! Your account number and information will stay the same. There is nothing you need to do because of the name change. You can continue to use your current WFFCU checks until they expire. When it is time to reorder, CrossPoint Federal Credit Union will appear on your next order. Likewise, when your debit or credit card is due for reissue, you will receive a new CrossPoint card. The 16-digit number will remain the same and your current debit and credit card will continue to work until you receive your new cards in the mail.

What happens to the WFFCU website and online banking?

The name and address of our website have changed to reflect our new name. Our new web address is We will continue to redirect to the new site if you enter our old web address or have it marked as one of your favorites. However, please update or save the new website as a new favorite.

You are still able to conduct your financial business as usual. You can still enjoy convenient access to your account(s) from the convenience of your computer, tablet and phone.

What happens to the WFFCU mobile app?

The mobile app is being updated to feature our new name and look. The app itself isnt new, however it is an update of our current one. If you have the WFFCU mobile app on your phone or tablet, you will notice an update for it reflecting the new name, CrossPoint Federal Credit Union. Like every update, you will just need to agree to the terms and conditions. Your login information is not changing, so continue using your current username and password from the previous app. The functions of the app will continue to work as they always did.

Do I need to change my direct deposit or let my employer know about this change?

Your account number will not change, so your direct deposit will post as usual.

Do I need to update my bill pay service or automatic payments?

Yes. You may conduct your online bill payment transactions as usual. Any automatic payments you have set up will proceed as usual. However, deposits or bank drafts from another institution to your credit union account will need to be changed from WFFCU to CrossPoint Federal Credit Union.

Do I need to order new checks? Will my WFFCU checks still work?

Please continue to use your current WFFCU checks until you reach the point when its time to order new ones. When you reorder, your new checks will have CrossPoint Federal Credit Union on them.

With a new name, does this show up as a new listing or impact my credit report in any way?

CrossPoint Federal Credit Union will be listed on the credit report, just as WFFCU was previously listed. However, this will not affect your credit score in any way, shape or form.

Will there be other significant changes to the credit union as a result of the name change?

Not at all. Although our name is changing, our mission is still the same. We are honored to have such a proud legacy helping people find their truth path. At each transition point in the lives of everyday people, the credit union is here to help our members achieve a higher standard of living.